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7 Reasons to remind us why South Africa is the most beautiful country in the world


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7 Reasons to remind us why South Africa is the most beautiful country in the world

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Amidst its challenges it is sometimes easy to forget that South Africa has the prestigious reputation of being the most beautiful country in the world. An article by Buzzfeed said this about South Africa, ‘Unsurpassed wildlife and mountains, whales and waterfalls, architecture and antiquity, the world’s most beautiful city, and the world’s most stunning Spring, plus a host of natural treasures make South Africa “The Most Beautiful Country In The World”, and a must-see traveller’s dream.”  Even when making an impact through the projects we do and the smiles we get to see we sometimes forget the amazing country that so many tourists experience. A country we sometimes fail to appreciate. In this blog post we take a step back and remember 7 things that make South Africa the most special country in the world.

  1. It is full of beauty, both natural and man-made. Cape Town as a whole encompasses both of these, with the amazing oceans and views as well as the gorgeous architecture and culture.
  2. Our coastal drives are above the rest. Chapman’s Peak and the Garden Route are a sight to behold, one that every South African needs to see at least once in their lifetime.
  3. Our diverse ecosystems and wildlife. Much of our wildlife can be see in our national parks, which protect them and aid in maintaining their ecosystems. Not only is South Africa home to the Big Five and number of endangered animals, such as the African Wild Dog and the Pangolin, but we also have a superb variety of marine life as well. Where else in the world could you view a whale from the shore and an elephant grazing with its herd?
  4. Our diverse floral kingdom. Even though there are number of alien plant species in South Africa, there are also numerous indigenous plant species. Our plant kingdom is diverse and home to incredible flowers, such as the King Protea.
  5. Our unique mountains and what they hold. Our most famous mountain is Table Mountain, named as one of the new 7 wonders of nature, but there’s more. The Drakensberg holds its own beauty, such as the Amphitheatre, and the Swartberg displays technicoloured sandstone cliffs and houses the Kango Caves, one of the most astonishing cave systems in the world. Our country is full of history and a lot of it has come from the earth, where we have found fossils and minerals that expand our knowledge.
  6. We are one of the world’s most colourful countries. Our flag and our people are not only the only reason we should be called “The Rainbow Nation”. In Spring, there are thousands of different types of flowers that bloom, transforming  the harshest environments, such as Namaqualand into beautiful, natural gardens.
  7. Our sunsets are truly spectacular. No matter where you are in South Africa, our skies share the same beautiful hues and colours of sunset, reminding us that we are in Africa and that our country is beautiful.



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